Clear and well presented results are of great importance for scientific communication. However, complex concepts can be difficult to describe on paper. The Scientific illustration service of the bioinformatics platform was created to help researchers achieve high quality figures for papers, grant proposals or presentations.

Within the proposed services, we offer:

- Visual representation of data, from ideas, raw data or drafts

- Schematics of processes, as biological illustrations

- Creation of visual identity for laboratories, research teams, events etc.

- Custom tasks related to scientific graphic design


To achieve high quality results, we associate a deep knowledge of data analysis, design insights and creativity. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any sort of need related to scientific illustrations in general.


The provided service for illustrations range from schematics to represent processes, to full, publication-ready figures. Few examples can be found bellow:

Visual identity

Logos for laboratories, organizations or events are also part of the services provided by the platform.